Hans Krönner provides services in the following areas of technical and vocational education and training (TVET):


  • Holistic TVET policies across government portfolios
  • Interaction between training institutions and the world of work
  • Role of social partners
  • Orienting TVET towards sustainable development
  • Gender issues in TVET and employment

Planning and Structures

  • Design and development of structures for planning, decision-making, management, implementation and monitoring in TVET
  • Transfer and adaptation of innovations
  • Orienting TVET towards sustainable development

International Cooperation

  • Identification, transfer, adaptation and application of relevant international standards and innovations in TVET
  • Development and vitalisation of regional and international peer-to-peer networks
  • Facilitating interaction with international and bilateral development partners

Mobilisation and Advocacy

  • Identification of experts, mobilisation of stakeholders
  • Advocacy and attention-focusing for TVET
  • Promoting the attractiveness of TVET as an alternative to general and academic education